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Just because you're a creative business owner doesn't mean you should have to be responsible for every piece of content that you put out into the world. Truth is, you shouldn't be. The more time you spend on creative comms, the less time you're spending on the actual products and services you're uniquely placed to offer. 

But I know first hand, as a creative business owner myself, that handing the keys to your comms kingdom over to just anyone when you prize your brand for its unique creative flair isn't a decision you can take lightly.

You need a partner in content who gets it. Who gets you. Your story, your voice, your process, your goals.

I've spent my career working with creative people - authors, journalists, brand desigers, and founders for organisations of all sizes and scales - to help craft meaningful, editorially-led comms and I'm here to help you create a content workflow that not only suits you and your business, but empowers you towards more creative, more ambitious goals.

Whether you're looking for guidance on how to structure your newsletter or blog, website copy, full-service content strategy, or ghostwriting services for ebooks and courses, I'm here to get your words out in the world without wasting your valuable time.

Ready to work together? Drop me an email at to book in a free discovery call.

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