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I'm a writer, editor, and consultant specialising in branded content, B2B editorial, and lifestyle & culture journalism - you might have read some of my work via BuzzFeed, The Strategist, or The Bookseller. 

Read on for more about me, and some samples of my work, or feel free to get in touch to learn more about how we can work together.


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"Chelsey’s writing is rhythmic, powerful and punchy, the characterisation spot-on and the dialogue pitch perfect."

Fiona Mitchell, Author & Judge of 2018 Blue Pencil Novel Award


Who I am

I'm an American writer, editor, and consultant living in Brighton, UK with my dog, cat, and husband. I like books, tropey TV, and fizzy candy.​

My work has appeared in NY Mag's The Strategist, The Bookseller, and BuzzFeed, where I was formerly Commissioning Editor for Long-form Features.

As a copywriter and editorial consultant I have worked with clients in both New York and London, specialising in branded content and B2B editorial, with an emphasis on the branding and design industries. 

I've chaired panels at Hay Festival, London's Southbank Festival, and YALC.

In 2017, I was a judge for the Bookseller's YA Book Prize.

And in 2018, my in-progress manuscript was shortlisted for the Blue Pencil First Novel Award.


What I do

As a journalist, I write about lifestyle and culture sans snobbishness - to entertain, inform, and make readers' lives just a little bit better.

The same rule applies to my copywriting and consultant services. I'm here to help clients communicate authentically with their audiences - to entertain, inform, and make readers' lives just a little bit better. 

I'm currently available for freelance commissions on a project-by-project basis, and to chair virtual events, so drop me a line below!



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